Impossibility of Distributed Consensus with One Faulty Process

Proceedings of the 2nd ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD symposium on Principles of database systems, March 1983

In this paper, it is shown that every protocol for consensus problem has the possibility of nontermination, even with only one faulty process.

在异步环境下,或者真实的系统中,往往会出现进程崩溃、网络分区、消息丢失/乱序/冗余等问题。本文在假设网络可靠(it delivers all messages correctly and exactly once)、non-Byzantine Failure 的异步系统中,即使只有一个进程在不合适的时间停机,也会导致任何分布式提交协议失败。

FLP result 的证明还有如下几点假设:

  • make no assumptions about the relative speeds of processes or about the delay time in delivering a message.
  • the processes do not have access to synchronized clocks, so algorithms based on time-outs can not be used.
  • do not postulate the ability to detect the death of a process

证明过程有点晦涩,可以结合参考中的连接和 paper 一起理解,我只是浏览了一遍,后面需要可能需要继续学习 :(


FLP result 并非认为 fault-tolerant cooperative computing 问题在实际中不可解决,而是指出了如果想要解决这些问题,需要更细化的错误模型,如对通信时间、失败检测的假设。

Paxos 和 Raft 理论上可能永远运行却不能达成共识(即 nontermination),软件工程通常使用 random 超时机制来减少这种可能性。


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