Vive La Difference: Paxos vs. Viewstamped Replication vs. Zab

IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing ( Volume: 12, Issue: 4, July-Aug. 1 2015)

本论文使用 refinement 的方法对 PaxosViewstamped ReplicationZab 三种复制协议进行了对比。



论文在 Replication 层将算法分为 Active Replication 和 Passive Replication:

  • Active Replication: also known as state machine replication, each replica implements a deterministic state machine. All replicas process the same operations in the same order.
  • Passive Replication: also known as primary backup, a primary replica runs a deterministic state machine, while backups only store states. The primary computes a sequence of new application states by processing operations and forwards these states to each backup in order of generation.

论文将 VR 和 Zab 归类为 Passive Replication,这是我不太理解的地方。本篇论文只是浏览了一遍,之后可能会回过头再次学习。